Dunand's Brigade
""An army marches on it's stomach" Napoleon Bonaparte
Dunand's Brigade is a Television Series based on the true story of Chef Dunand.  
Throughout Napoleon's reign Dunand was his chef. He traveled with the French army creating dishes for the Imperial Headquarters. On over fifty  battlefields Dunand literally cooked for his life. 

The Series never loses it's focus on food or it's sense of humor. Recipes roll with the end credits and are demonstrated by Chef Dunand as part of the story. Foraging, slow food, paleo, and nose to tail trends are easily explored in this entertaing environment.

The backdrop for this Food/Drama will be the colorful chaos of the French Revolution as it wanes and evolves into an empire.  Women are taking full advantage of the "liberty, equality and fraternity" suddenly offered them. The fantastical world of the thousands of camp followers, who supply and profit from the army on the move will surprise and delight.
The Series
Episode one - Cuisine
Chicken Marengo
Chicken sautéed in oil with garlic and tomato, garnished with fried eggs and crayfish.
Rabbit Cornmeal Fritters
Parboiled Rabbit, rubbed with garlic and truffle then coated with cornmeal and fried.
Episode one - "Marengo"
Alessandria in Northern Italy, June 13, 1800.
Chef Dunand, fleeing his past, is captured by the French army on the eve of battle.  Accused of spying he must cook for his life.  Later, after assembling a ragtag brigade of misfits, he creates the still famous dish "Chicken Marengo." for the victorious French Generals.  Napoleon is impressed and in a single day, Dunand has become Napoleon Bonaparte's Personal Chef.

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The first episode features two dishes;  Chicken Marengo and Rabbit Fritters. Our brigade  forrages for mushrooms, wild herbs, and  onions. We watch in detail as Dunand prepares the dishes with a masters touch.